Friday, March 16, 2007

snow on the sahara

How else should I react? How else should I handle betrayal? I should be burning with fury. Yet strangely I am numb. Cool. So cool that I wonder if this is normal. Then again, when have I ever been normal? I've walked this walk too many times before. This desolate stretch of nothingness. Burning hot then bitter cold. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe I've gotten used to it after all.

The dust has blown on my track, the sand has blown into my eyes, I've lost my way yet again. There was never a map made out for this godforsaken path I travel. Just an endless cycle of losing one's way and finding it in the middle of nowhere. Funny how this is the only way I lead my depths. In this vast emptiness where I find both pain and beauty. I stand still, and wander off alone.

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