Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Politically erect

Elections are coming up. Which means, it's been more than 3 years since Mr. Politiko came into my life. See, we have a history. I loathed him long before I ever met him, and fell in love with him afterward for reasons that are becoming increasingly unclear.

In a place where boring monotony is the usual state, elections create quite the stir. People take advantage of politicians while politicians indulge them and try to buy their votes. I actually enjoy watching and speculating about the maneuverings of those who are supposedly going to make our lives better.

It's funny really, what people are willing to do for power and money--two of the most appealing qualities of being in office. And, even funnier is the way women are attracted to those in power.

It has never been the case for me. I could say with a straight face that I have never been lured into the arms of a man just because of what he has or what he is. I woke up to politics and since time immemorial have always had a member of the family run for office. Heck, I've even campaigned onstage when I was 3 or 4. Yes, I am the local version of Kristeta. Not that I would wanna be compared to her. She's far too uhm, something.

Anyways, my ex-boyfriend who is now a city councilor is running for re-election. I've been running into him a lot lately. I get kicks out of seeing him look at me with blatant lust. HAHA. I know, that's crazy. But I'm bored and entertainment around here would sometimes mean being mediocre. Tsk3.

Which brings me to how I am now being once again subjected to intriga. Involving this Mr. Politiko and his psychotic pseudo-girlfriend. According to my detractors (see, I've really become quite the local celebrity around here haha), I am still pining over Mr. Politiko. Apparently I've been texting bastos text messages to the psychotic pseudo-girlfriend and have also said unprintable words to one of her minions. Gawd. They probably think that making stories up against me would affect me. Little do they know, they are actually feeding my ego. Oh yes, I'm a bitch in that way.

On a more serious note, all these intrigas and talk about me and Mr. Politiko have been hounding me before and long after we became an item. It's been so prolonged that I've begun to wonder why people keep tossing us into each other's laps. Half of them don't want us to be together and the other half insist that we belong together. Chilling thought.

I might have to register at the farthest possible voting area soon. lol.

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