Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the freak show

Canlaon city is giving a whole new spin to its fiesta celebration. Not that the idea is entirely original... The concept has been patterned after Dumaguete's kiosks along the boulevard. At least the entertainment thirsty people have some place to carouse at.

Anyways, it seems like the fiesta air brought the freak show along with it. Observe, if you will, this chilling sight...

March 10, Saturday. Me and my friend Kit went to watch the semi-final basketball game. You can imagine just how boring this place is for me to even consider watching a basketball game. So, there we were and the usual crowd was there. Complete with my ex-boyfriend's latest bimbo and her equally idiotic bunch. Man, I must really possess some kind of power which is unkown to me since the mere sight of me make them all uneasy. And since this amuses me to no end, I proceeded to make them flinch by pretending to be texting with my ex-boyfriend. They all looked so affected by the assumption that we were exchanging sms that I almost doubled over in laughter. And to top it all off, my ex-bf and I went home at the same time. We both had our cars with us but heck, the look on the faces of the friggin idiots could kill.

Later that night, we went to the park to check out the live band that were playing. We got there at almost 10pm and by then the place was full of Canlaon's "party goers". After parking my car, we went ahead and strolled, er strutted to one of the kiosks to reload my phone. On the way, people greeted me left and right. Much to the chagrin of my detractors, I arrived fashionably late and with such a grand entrance.

I was by then having the time of my life making them all so pissed off just by my being there that I could not help but keep laughing at the thought.

But it was when we were dancing that the real freaks came out and lashed at me. They came and danced with me, touched my face and just did all that they could to provoke me. Finally, I just couldn't take the thought of my face being touched by those lowlifes that I had to talk to one of their friends and asked him to tell them to stop harassing me. We then left the dance floor with Kit fuming as she followed me out. Just when we sat down at our table, the matrona of the "japayuki group" came over and started shouting expletives and crass words generally directed at no one. But of course, I knew that it was specifically thrown at me. Ladies and gentlemen, step far away from the cage of the insecure bitches who have no finesse whatsoever.

I should've been sizzling mad, but oddly I wasn't as affected as my friend Kit was. Maybe I'm just not a war freak. But I suspect it's because it just feels so damn good to make some bitches so insecure just by bein me. Haha.

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