Wednesday, March 14, 2007

just shoot me

In no way has this account been embellished:

Two nights ago I went to this live band show sponsored by a candidate for congress in our district. So really, it was a political rally hidden behind the drumset. Anyways, the usual mumbo jumbo of people were there. We arrived just when they were starting the usual acknowledgements designed to somehow impress the people and win them over.

In the meantime, me and my pal Kit chose to hide out behind a multicab to avoid a head-on collision with trapo and, to make a grand entrance. It's shallow but after surviving my first ever incident of public scandal I thought I had all the right to show up and dazzle everyone. lol.

After surviving the "subtle" campaign strategy of our dear politicians, we made our way toward where the band just started to play along with Kit's husband Third (my ex-boyfriend's bestfriend) and his mother who is running for councilor on the admin slate. Just when I was just starting to enjoy the music, Manang Pinky approached us and insisted we sit together with the mayor's family and the city officials. Manang Pinky is by the way, one of my ex-boyfriend's minions. It bugs me that I am still so connected to him in that way. But what can I do?

While I was politely refusing the offer, along comes this guy who Manang Pinky introduced as the Commanding Officer of the whatever batallion assigned in our city. He seemed okay. And Kit whispered this notion of hers that I should at least talk to him while she observes my exbf's reaction. Freakish. But I played along.

True enough, along came my x who all of a sudden came over to where we were.

X: Good evening gwaps... Uy, have you met Lt. Villaroel na? (gestures to where the Lt. is seated right next to me)
Me: Good evening Konsehal. Yes, we were already introduced. (I manage to give him my best what-do-you-think-you're-doin look)

What the eff?! Obviously, we've already met. The man's sitting beside me for goodness' sake! I suspect he wanted to come off cool by attempting to pair me up with someone. Instead he succeeded in getting a very deadly stare from me. After my ex abrubtly left to settle a fight his cousin got into, I started to talk to the new Commanding Officer. Unfortunately, it was all the time I needed to find out that the man is a very conceited pig.

It was not my first encounter with uniformed men. I met three other officials of the army before. Young, brave and very proper. I actually liked all those other men. They seemed very... dignified. And they were all confident, were actually able to carry very intelligent conversations and may I just add, sexy. Maybe it was the uniform that did it. lol.

But this one was none of that. To prove my point, later that night I was asked to join their table.

Lt. Villaroel: Where are you gonna sleep tonight?
Me: At my house of course.
Him: 'Cos I can get you a room at the pension house if you want.

At this point I was trying my best not to slap him.

Me: No need. I have a house.
Him: Ah ok. Kasi may room ako dun. Pina-reserve ni mayor kasi mahirap na baka ma-ambush ako.

Huh? Was that supposed to impress me or was that an attempt to get me to sleep with him? Eew. And just when I thought the horror was over, he actually whined out his insistent plea to take me home. What a shame to men in uniform. Not only did he turn me off majorly, I'd much rather have been shot.

I should've known, the third one's a charm. The next is just roadkill.

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