Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin Schmalin

Allow me to tap into my colonial mentality for a bit...

I can't help but get hooked on the events leading to the upcoming American elections. And I can't take it anymore. I would like to know who here feels that Sarah Palin is fit to be America's next vp and next in line to the American Presidency. Heck, Matt Damon has had his say. And if he can have his opinion (him being a mere actor stud hehehe) why can't we?

And for the record, I DON'T think Palin should win.


Aiken said...

one thing i know is that girl from SNL who's doing so well imitating sarah.. hehe bow.

michelle said...

si tina fey? hahaha. bitaw funny to. i like the fact na she's a down-to-earth mom and everything. and her kids, my goodness, one has down syndrome and she still pushed through with the pregnancy. says a lot about character. i can understand the fascination with palin. i just don't like the republican's say on her campaign, making her seem like she's covering up some things or exaggerating her capabilities.

wonder what will happen with an obama-palin lineup? maculture shock dagway ang US and their economy would go down due to loss of credibility. OR murag SURE-CAUSE ang concept, na nothing's moving due to extremely bad politics.

palin is ok as a person. but the party she represents is steeped in crap. so bogs. me no like.

biden needs to reassert himself more gyud, kay talbog na kaayo siya ni palin sa vp race.

sorry kaayo sa kataas ani. nalingaw ra pud ko sa american elections. hehe. go fight win.

angel said...

she's too much of a contradiction to be us vp.hehehe kta ray naay right magpaka contradiction.hehehehe

Aiken said...

and she's sooooooooooo sweeet.... wahahahahahahaahah!!!! lantawa ra jud ang interview niya with kattie couric. ambot kung mao ba nay spelling. basta. ma ning ning kas iyang ka miss south carolina. "and the americans... wa---aaa---bu---.. this has to be for th----uuu---- under the umbrella of job employment" wahahahahahahahahaa.... ka funny jud ambot.

angel said...

God help America if she wins. hehehe