Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Ever since I turned twenty I cringe at the thought of turning a year older. Aiken and Mara were my constant companions on such occassions. Hence, we developed our own little tradition on the eve of my birthday. We had martinis with cherry on top.

And in the spirit of that tradition, this is how I spent my birthday this year...

Their martinis didn't have a cherry on top, but I can honestly say my substitute was way better. haha

For the longest time, I have always felt that my song is REAL by Plumb. I have always felt like that song was written for me. This year, that song truly becomes mine.

This year, I toast to life, to love and to friendship... At last, I found something real.

Real by plumb


Easter Lois said...

lami lagi imong cherry mam bwahaha

angel said...

matingala kag dili.hehehehe