Sunday, October 05, 2008

ribbons in the sky

I was browsing photos at when I came across the album of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's wedding. I love weddings... I think it's the most hopeful event a person could have in his or her life.

Now you all know, I love gays. I have more gay friends than girl friends. But as much as I love women trapped in a man's body, I'm kinda uncomfortable around lesbians. I cannot explain it. It's not repulsion... Not that extreme. I'm not proud of this, being a self-proclaimed liberal but I don't quite get them.

But, although this may be the case, I do get love. And as far as I'm concerned, love in any language-in any gender-is love still. We might not all understand it, but no one can discount it.

Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always. A promise. Like a reward for persisting through life so long alone. A belief in each other and the possibility of love. A decision to ignore, simply rise above the pain of the past. A covenant, which at once binds two souls and yet severs prior ties. A celebration of the chance taken and the challenge that lies ahead. For two will always be stronger than one, like a team braced against the tempest civil world. And love will always be the guiding force in our lives. For tonight is mere formality. Only an announcement to the world of feelings long held. Promises made long ago. In the sacred spaces of our hearts. -one tree hill

I am humbled. I'm sure a lot of people have their own opinion about unions such as these. But I have much respect for these two. It is hard enough to be in a "straight" relationship and keep it thriving and filled with love. They've come this far.

It is just heart-warming to see people in love. And it gives me hope. That in this strange, strange world, love can still be found... In different places, faces and regardless of gender.

I leave you, this Sunday, with Stevie Wonder singing the couple's favorite song--music to their dance in the photo above.

Ribbon in the Sky - Stevie Wonder


Aiken said...

love is in the air!!!! in the air!!! whooooohhhhaaaaa!!!! wooooosssshhhh whhhooooosssshhhh... haaa.... in the air.... fresh...... hehehehehe

Easter Bunny said...

omg i feeeeeeeellllllll it. it's sooo nice to be in loooooovee.

p.s. nadala ko sa hanging ni aiken haha