Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valley of Misplaced Contraceptives

In a time and generation of sexually open individuals, it seems that everything is possible. People can have sex without a relationship or, in some instances, have sex without even knowing anything about the other. And if we are to be completely liberal about all this, we are told that that's fine as long as we practice "safe sex".

There are a dozens of available contraceptives and many more methods of contraception, all of which guarantee a certain percentage of "safety". The medical society and even the religious sector have taken it upon themselves to teach and preach us what constitutes the hazards of sex and how to avoid them. And in all the brochures that have been printed to educate us over the years, we should all be rest assured that we know how to avoid those so-call hazards of sex.

I, for one, have used a couple of those contraceptives, read countless brochures and have generally escaped the "hazards" of sex. All except for one that that have never, in all the brochures that I have read, been mentioned. The dreaded emotional attachment that all vulnerable individuals out there are in danger of.

Is there ever really "safe sex"?

There are countless tests and checklists, even guides to having safe sex all in the hopes of protecting people from disease or unwanted children. There are condoms, diaphragms, pills, injections and whatever else they've invented to keep from having STDs or the occasional lovechild but what's to protect the heart in all this?

Sure, some can do it with the gusto of a dog looking for a mate and when it's over, scratch it off and move on to the next. But some of us, cannot just scratch it off and move on unscathed. We are left wondering and hearts aching.

It probably might have been easier if there was a brochure on this. A pill to keep the mind from wondering and a condom to shield the heart. But, sadly, there is none. "Safe sex" is an illusion. Whoever invented that term should have his balls cut off. Because there is no such thing as "safe sex". Reality brings in more pain than STD.

And so, we lie there, long after our beds are left empty... Yes, they might've saved the world from AIDS. You used proper contraception, you are safe from disease or an unwanted child. But the ache that it leaves you with, can kill you long before the AIDS ever will.

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