Wednesday, February 07, 2007


There is something so mysteriously captivating about illusions that hold one so tightly in its grasp... Having deemed myself a dreamer, I am certainly no stranger to illusions. That certain something that deceives the senses or mind that it takes you and whips you away...

When all you can hear in your ears is the beating of your heart, there is little to do but be sucked right into the vortex of an illusion. You grasp at all strings of hope and from there paint a thousand pictures of a happy ending. Somehow you start believing that there is hope. And even when all those around you hammer you with the reality, you feel that what little hope you have is worth holding on. Never knowing that hope borne out of illusion is nothing more than a lie.

Based on personal experience, illusions often start when we paint a certain picture of what we want in our minds and hearts. We become so gripped by that certain picture that we often fit anything or anyone unto that mold. Without our knowing it, we've lost ourselves in a deception of our own design. Illusions, are quite simply, something that appears to be one thing when it is in fact another.

There's another word for illusion--trickery. I have always liked the word illusion better. I liked the ring of it. And yes, I am a willing victim of illusions for more than once. And I know that even under its spell, there comes a time when you realize that the better part of it was make-believe.

It is then that one can either be stuck in make-believe or grasp reality and move on. I am for the latter. I'm not saying it's easy, hell no. I prefer to think of it as somewhat like watching a very good movie complete with all the special effects. It can capture you and break your heart, but you know that the special effects are computer generated. And even when you're crying your heart out, you know that it's not real. Then as the credits roll, you walk out of the movie theater and think to yourself, "life goes on."

And, indeed, it does.

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