Saturday, August 16, 2008

what my love life and tanduay have in common

While cuddling, my boyfriend said out of nowhere, "you know what, our relationship is like Tanduay." At this point I was deciding whether to be irked at such an outrageous comparison or to just laugh at the concept. But of course, I just had to ask why, of all things under God's green earth he chose Tanduay to compare to our relationship...

His reply: "Because it's habang tumatagal, lalong sumasarap."

So it's slightly baduy and very offbeat. But we do have our corny moments.

I guess we really are in love. hehe


mara said...

it's one my dearest wishes to see you (well, the both of us) happy in love... for the moment, your promise of a happy-ever-after with mr.tanduay is enough for the both of us... hehehe :)

michelle said...

hala. kasweet.:) gikilig si angel.:)

Easter Lois said...

waaaaaa!!!! bacolod napud ni!!! haha m happy for you girl. it's about time

Jello said...

hahahaha. i cant help but laugh in outrage. nakuyawan ang office.hahaha. mr. tanduay! hahaha. i soooo long to meet him. wink! promise, gel, with all the purest intentions.hahaha.

angel said...

hahahaha thank you, thank you dear friends... =)

to jello: your wish will be granted soon. we will be in cebu this october.hehe

to mich: yes ui. matingala kag dili. bahala nag tanduay ang gigamit nga metaphor. hehehe

to easter: aw of course, bacolod jud ang venue. and hell yes, this is long overdue. haha

and to mara: i have no doubt there will be a "mr. tanduay" for you to. uhm maybe mr. redhorse--lakas ng tama? i dunno. hehe but whatever, keep the faith. =)

miss you all!