Friday, August 01, 2008

better days and get-aways

It was one of those times when everything was shitty and I was lost in all that crap that included everything from family bs to yet another failed attempt at finding love. It was the perfect time to escape and drown out everything else.

And so it was that I decided to throw caution to the wind and go to Sindangan with yet another lost soul, Xander, my soul sister Mara and Bom2x. And by throwing caution to the wind I mean going to a remote town in Mindanao with just enough money to get there.

And so off we went. My emotions were, as I recall, half anxious and half excited--which can really be such a high. From the moment we stepped on Dapitan's dock it was pure liberty. And since it was pathetically my first time to set foot on Mindanao soil, I was delighted.

That first day we made like true turistas and went around all the so-called tourist spots of Dapitan cam-whoring all the way. I cannot put down everything that happened in chronological order but the moments come back to me like pictures in a slide show...

There was that "night out" at a beachside bar where before or after a few drinks we went to the back of the bar (which was actually facing the beach)--this was right around the time the band started playing Pinoy Ako. Just for the heck of it or maybe because it was the only place we would openly sing along to Pinoy Ako, we sang our hearts out to a full moon. We probably looked like werewolves baying but who cared? And it was then that Mara (I'm pretty sure it was you haha) suggested that we shed all inhibitions and go skinny dipping. Talk about being literal. Haha. But we did it anway. It was great. Except maybe for the fact that Bom2x and Xander was there jumping around. Ew. But still, it was totally freeing. Hehe

And then along came Jello... We went to the same beach that we went skinny dipping in. It wasn't exactly resort material in the light of day but oh the sunset was amazing... And then there was walking down the street with sparklers in hand (take note this was sometime in October)... Videoke bar hopping and singing Aegis songs with feelings... Some more cam-whoring on a bridge, a stop at an abandoned dock... I vaguely recall drinking rum and royal tru orange imagine that! This of course, ended with someone puking on the floor of our room and all of us getting drunk. And then, at last, some downtime at a more secluded beach where we frolicked on the white sand, posed some more, and effectively achieved golden tans. Did I mention how our very generous hostess fed us delicious homecooked food at each meal? Sigh...

Ah yes... It was bliss. A totally unplanned trip that turned into the best vacation yet. Even more so because it was with great friends. And of course, the fact that nobody knew us there helped too. Haha. It's true, where you go doesn't really matter as much as who you're with. And that trip, that "vacation" of ours... That's the one to beat.

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