Sunday, March 29, 2009

365 days later...

Today, we turn 1.

By 1 I mean one year. Which earns me the right to be mushy today. hehe somehow I still find it hard to really put into words how happy I am with Gerard. Probably because he makes me happy in so many ways... I will say this:

He makes me feel a calm and peace within by just knowing I have him.

He is my peace of mind.

When I'm with him, everything- including the biggest of problems, falls away. He has that strength that supports me and makes me feel everything is gonna be alright.

He is sweet and generous.

He is the boyfriend that I always wish I had and never had- until now.

He is the kind of man that cries.

He has a firm hand that can reign me in. But he is also forgiving.

I see him with kids and I know he is going to be a good father.

I feel and am safe when I am with him.

We have fun together. We share books, watch movies... Talk about anything and everything. We laugh together.

We adore each other.

He holds my hand and whispers sweet words into my ear.

He has mood swings. He can be elitista sometimes. But he is generally kind.

He is NOT perfect. He has his moments. But today I find them irrelevant. For I have found a good man. And above all else, that man loves me for me.


michelle said...


Aiken said...

lami lami....

jeffy omolon said...

mmmmm....kalami jud aiken...lami jud naay tarung nga fafa..hehehe

Jello said...


an overdose of life said...

i like him :)

Freakum Dress said...

kalami mo lang...tiurok na lang ta ani ... yes na lang hehe

pia rodriguez said...

happy one year, ange. bisous :)