Tuesday, November 04, 2008

fools like me

Okay... The truth is, nobody knows shit about love.

We're like the blind leading the blind. Occassionally we stumble onto some glimpse of wisdom and we try to hold it in our hands, stash them inside our cluttered minds, try to remember them the next time, try to protect ourselves or our friends from the same mistakes...

Right. Like that's possible. No one is safe. We all become lovefools.

There's no such thing as logic in love. My previous post has nothing to do about logic. In a line it would be listen to your intuition. And whoever said there's logic in intuitions. It's a feeling. It's not rocket science. Nobody has been able to really explain it. Just. Like. Love.

We all mess up, stumble, crawl. We all go through the same ugly break-ups and gut-wrenching heartaches. Yet we all believe in it. We hope and we risk. We go through all the motions. At least once in our lives we become fools.

But then, once in a while we find truths. We find something rare and beautiful. Once in a while we find what it was we've been looking for and never really admitted. Once in a while stumble upon something real. Once in a blue moon we realize that all the madness has but one ending--learning.

We cross our fingers and hope we'll be wiser next time around... Heaven knows that's what we should be--wiser after every friggin time we fall all over ourselves.

And if you're lucky... Maybe then you'll find love.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong.




Aiken said...

what made u write this?

angel said...

jello's reaction to my previous blog.hehe

Jello said...

hahaha. im always fascinated about arguing with u and the rest of the bums...seriously, ur like the people i can really talk about sensical non-sense! how cool is that?hahaha

angel said...

VERY! hahahaha